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Steel Speed Jump Rope
Working out at home is my favorite and when I saw this jump rope I knew it would be a

great addition to my cardio. 

A word of caution. 
The heavy steel cable is perfect to keep the momentum going. 
If you miss, you will be punished. 
The rope tends to come around pretty hard and sometimes it really hurts. 

Worth it!

It just took some practice and grit.

I was so proud when I

stopped missing jumps!

Now I do sets of 50!

 Adjustable for all heights

(I'm 5'1")

Comes with an extra cable


a carry bag. 

Are you tough enough?


Indoor Folding Trampoline
Working out can be fun!
I ordered this trampoline and have been using it while watching TV or
Ted Talks on my laptop. 
It came folded up about the size of a lawn chair.
You shouldn't open it alone (unlike me) since the springs could cause injury.
I set it up in less than 10 minutes.
The legs unscrew and the base folds up to a quarter the size. 
Great for small spaces.
I may be a large child but...
36" diameter