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Smart Cup
The Smart Cup -Menstrual Period Cup-
I was pretty nervous my first time using the menstrual cup, I honestly didn't think it would work. I used to use about 5 tampons a day when I have my flow and it lasted for 5 days, that's 25 tampons per period, after 12 months that's 300 tampons going to the landfill for just one person, not including the applicator. 
I love my planet so I figured I would get the Smart Cup a try. 
It was easy to use, I've never had a leak after four cycles, it holds more than a tampon and it's cheaper. Instead of spending $5 on tampons every month, I bought a Smart Cup for

Kegel Balls - Ben Wa Balls -
Ok, Let's be frank. I wanted to get a little more snug down there for my own pleasure and for my partner. Not only that but I wanted to stay strong  so I never have to worry about losing bladder control in the future. This is exactly what I was looking for. A safe progressive set of weighted balls with enough combinations of use to advance slowly and safely to stronger pelvic floor. They're comfortable and can be rather pleasurable. 

I use mine a few times a week and I love the results.