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LuxClub Bamboo Sheets

These last few months have been my first real introduction to bamboo.

It's extremely fast growing and requires less water making it a more eco-friendly option. Bamboo is an antibacterial hypoallergenic breathable alternative to cotton. I had always loved high thread high priced cotton sheets, but now I'm

addicted to bamboo.

It has the softness of cotton with the sleek feel of silk. 
I had my set for about three months before my 15 year old sister choose from one of the 36 color options and got her own set. We both love our sheets! 

They offer a 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked. 


Zen Bamboo Comforter
-Goose down alternative-
Goose down is typically sourced from a farm where the animals are not treated with care and dignity. If you can find an option you like, as the weather changes you may begin to overheat. 
I sleep hot. 
So I was skeptical
It breathes! 
I'm warm all night but
it doesn't make me sweat!
Like the sheets, this was the comforter I bought my little sister as well and
she also loves it!