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Steel Safety Razor
Have you ever wondered how much you're spending on razors every month?

How about all the waste from throwing away those old dull razors? 

As an environmentalist I started looking into alternative healthcare products to reduce what I was adding to the landfill, and I discovered an alternative to plastic razors. 
With these  razors the eco-friendly millennial can save money and the planet. 

Suitable for both men and women.
The razor itself only costs about $20 with shipping and comes with 20 blades.

That's a dollar a shave

IF you go through a blade each time!
(Which you won't)

Replacement blades are only $15 for 100 blades!

I bought extra blades with the razor and

I haven't bought more in over two years!

Charcoal Teeth Whitening
I just bought this last week and  I see a difference already. 
I thought that the black tooth powder was  a
gimmick but I visited my cousin who:
Smokes at least 5 cigarettes a day
Drinks coffee daily
and her teeth were noticeably whiter. 
I ordered the Activated Charcoal made with Coconut shells.
Bentonite Clay
Calcium Carbonate
Activated Charcoal (Cocos Nucifera Shell Powder)
Flavouring (Mint)
Peppermint (Mentha Piperita)
Sodium Chloride
Ginger Root Extract (Zingiber Officinale)
It's a dark grey powder in a 2oz container. 
Fluoride Free

Fairywill Sonic Electric Toothbrush
I'm really impressed with this little toothbrush.
I've had it since February and I've charged it twice!
There's 5 modes including: 
I'll brush my teeth on either 
'white' or 'clean' 
then I use my charcoal to polish. 
I'm a small person and the
brush is slim and very light. 
Comes with two extra heads and a
polishing head. 
It also has a timer so when you've brushed for the optimal amount of time, two minutes, it shuts off. 
USB plug, so no battery!
Pumice Stone
Hamalaya natural lava pumice stone is a great alternative to synthetic materials used in your health-care products.
It's extremely durable and long lasting.
I've had mine since christmas.
Hot Water Bottle
I had a hot water bottle for years and it wasn't long ago that I pulled some muscles and wanted to get another one. 
This option has two additional covers for the transparent bottle. 
The lid broke on the last one I had and I was worried the same thing would happen with this one. 
Several months with a number of uses and it's still going strong. 
No leaks!
I love it!
I first bought Emugency at a local co-op that I was apart of. I slipped on some moss and scraped my face up badly, like, really badly. 
The women at the co-op recommended this product. 
 I should have had a scar. 
A giant scar!
My scrape healed up without a trace!
I tell whoever will listen about Emu oil. Cuts, burns, infected scrapes, chapped lips
It works for it all! 
I use it instead of antibiotics when I use a band-aid. 
Getting oil from an Emu also doesn't harm the animal. They have a natural sack that the oil is extracted from which the animal naturally reproduces over time. 
this stuff is the best!